Al directs and produces films for editorial and commercial clients with a special interest in documentary film making.

She has worked on films for The BBC, BFI, The Guardian, Pulse Films, Some Such, Boiler Room, Dazed, Insight TV, Vice, i-D, Young Turks and global NGO’s. Most recently she has produced two television series for Vice Studios.

She has also worked with brands including Nike, WeTransfer, Levi's, Loewe, Nikon, Bacardi, Lynx, Giff Gaff and ASOS.

The second episode of the four part Migrant Sound series, Racism, talks to different generations of Caribbean descent in the UK as they discuss their first hand experiences of racism. In Racism Boiler Room explore whether race relations have improved since the 1980s, what still needs.

Migrant Sound is a youthful celebration of migration and its impact on the UK’s music and culture. Combining broad societal stories with personal family anecdotal histories, the series will allow for emotional storytelling mixed with vibrant visuals of migrant culture, told through the lens of youth past and present.

Director Jeremy Ngatho Cole
Development Producer Al Lewis
Producer Francesca Mirza & ​Aleksandra Bilic
DOP ​Jeremy Ngatho Cole